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l/d Cat Food

Prescription Diet l/d Dry Cat Food is specially formulated by nutritionists & veterinarians to help support the liver health of cats and is formulated to help protect vital liver function.

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  • Key Benefits

    Prescription Diet l/d Dry Cat Food is specially formulated by nutritionists & veterinarians to help support the liver health of cats and is formulated to help protect vital liver function.

    These characteristics make Prescription Diet l/d, veterinary dry cat food a useful nutrition for cats with liver disease:

    Protein, Branched-chain amino acids, Aromatic amino acids Highly digestible & controlled, Increased, Balanced Reduces workload on liver. Helps reduce accumulation of ammonia and consequent CNS signs (hepatic encephalopathy).
    Zinc, Vitamin K Supplemented Helps reduce the risk of deficiencies common in liver disorders.
    Copper Controlled Helps reduce copper accumulation in the liver.
    L-Carnitine High Helps improve fat metabolism to limit hepatic lipidosis.
    Soluble Fibre Supplemented Helps decrease ammonia reabsorption (and ammonia generation) in the bowel
    Sodium Reduced Helps limit portal hypertension and ascites. Helps control clinical signs associated with sodium and fluid retention.
    Potassium Controlled Helps avoid hypokalaemia which can trigger CNS signs.
    Arginine Increased Helps maintain urea cycle, avoiding accumulation of ammonia
    Taurine High Helps maintain normal heart muscle function.
    Antioxidants Added Neutralises free radicals associated with liver disorders


    - General liver disorders

    - Hepatic encephalopathy

    - Hepatic lipidosis (encephalopathic)



    Not Recommended For:

    Pregnant or nursing cats. Patients with hyperlipidemia or conditions requiring fat restriction.

    Additional Info:

    Prescription Diet l/d Dry Cat Food is designed for the nutritional management of cats with liver disease including feline cholangitis-cholangiohepatitis syndrome, hepatocellular disease, portosystemic shunts, fibrotic hepatopathies and biliary disease. High taurine acts as a choleretic and reduces risk of taurine deficiency in that also ensures that cats with enterohepatic circulation abnormalities do not become taurine deficient.

    S+OXSHIELD: Formulated to promote a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite & calcium oxalate crystals

    Other Products to Consider

    - For patients with general liver disorders: Prescription Diet k/d Early Stage Cat Food

    - For patients with hepatic encephalopathy, including those with hepatic lipidosis: Prescription Diet k/d Early Stage Cat Food, Prescription Diet k/d Cat Food

    - For patients with non-encephalopathic hepatic lipidosis: Prescription Diet a/d Cat & Dog Food, Prescription Diet m/d Cat Food

  • DAILY Feeding Guide

    Provide specific feeding instructions for your patient.

    Adjust feeding amounts as necessary to maintain optimal weight.

    Reinforce with clients to feed Prescription Diet dry food, canned food, & pouches exclusively.

    This is only a guide. Grams are the most accurate form of measurement. Monitoring your patient's condition will assure the nutritional recommendation provides the best results.

    Gradually transition to this new food for 7 days or more.

    Adult maintenance

    Weight of Cat - kgs Amount per Day - grams
    2 35
    3 45
    4 60
    5 70
    6 80
    7+ 12 per kg

    PRESCRIPTION DIET l/d Dog Food is a complete dietetic pet food for dogs for the support of liver function in cases of chronic liver insufficiency and for reduction of copper in the liver. This dietetic pet food has a moderate level of high quality protein, high levels of essential fatty acids and highly digestible carbohydrates and a low level of copper.

  • Ingredients

    High quality protein and thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

    with Chicken: Maize, chicken (13%) and turkey meal, animal fat, maize gluten meal, dried whole eggs, brewers' rice, flaxseed, dried beet pulp, digest, minerals, cellulose, vitamins, trace elements, taurine and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

  • Average Nutrient & Caloric Content

    4078 kcal/kg (408 kcal/100g)

    רכיב תכולה ב-% במזון1
    Dry Matter2
    As Fed, Caloric Basis3
    g/100 kcal
    Protein 29.6 % 32 % 7.2 g / 100 kcal
    Fat 21 % 22.7 % 5.1 g / 100 kcal
    Carbohydrate / NFE 34.9 % 37.7 % 8.6 g / 100 kcal
    Crude Fiber 1.7 % 1.9 % 0.4 g / 100 kcal
    Calcium 0.86 % 0.93 % 210 mg / 100 kcal
    Phosphorus 0.63 % 0.68 % 154 mg / 100 kcal
    Potassium 0.77 % 0.83 % 188 mg / 100 kcal
    Sodium 0.22 % 0.24 % 55 mg / 100 kcal
    Magnesium 0.078 % 0.084 % 19 mg / 100 kcal
    Taurine 0.46 % 0.5 % 114 mg / 100 kcal
    Vitamin C 99 ppm 107 ppm 2.43 mg / 100 kcal
    Vitamin E 756 IU/kg 817 IU/kg 18.53 IU / 100 kcal
    Carnitine 919.7 ppm 994.3 ppm 22.55 mg / 100 kcal


    1Differs from label guarantees which are either maximums or minimums.
    2The nutrient in the product after moisture is removed. It is used to make direct comparisons of nutrient profiles with differing moisture contents.
    3Nutrient intake for every 100 kilocalories consumed.

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